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Introducing - Taking Off: A Photography Seminar {Paris} - Spring 2010 Monday, February 15, 2010

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If you read our blog regularly you probably already know that we have a thing for Paris. We visited it for the first time in the summer of 2008 and we were hooked. Rob says that Paris is one of those places that has such a grip on you that you don't even realize it until you have left it. And as soon as we left, we felt it. We were aching to go back. In fact, this past summer we were trying to decide where to go on our next vacation and we were having the hardest time. We have a long list of places we'd like to visit but we felt like we hadn't seen all we wanted to see in Paris.

To be honest, we felt a little weird telling people that we were going to Paris for the second year in a row. Because to some people Paris is the city of poodles and overindulgence. But that's not the Paris that we know. We saw a city filled with art, music and architecture. A place where it wouldn't be unusual to stumble upon an impromptu performance of live music on the street, on a bridge or even in a metro car. A place where you could have just as amazing a meal on a picnic blanket by the water as you could at a bistro in the fanciest part of town. A place filled with people with broad smiles and big hearts - people that would give you a ride to your hotel because they wanted to help you but couldn't speak English (a man actually did that for us), people that would buy extra fruit to hand out to a poor woman with a child on the metro.

A place with an energy and spirit that have inspired some of the most treasured contributions to art, music, theater and design. And we like to think that when we visit just a small bit of that energy is passed along to us. To put it simply, Paris just plain inspires us. Even more so this past summer when we met up with a few French photographers. We were blown away by their openness, excitement and passion for photography. We only got to spend a few hours with them but we loved every minute of it. And as soon as we got home we realized that something we had been dreaming about since the very first time we visited Paris could be a reality. We could get together with photographers out in Europe and share with them what we have learned and what we love about what we do. And get to shoot with them in front of some of the most incredible locations in the world. And now we will.

So this year we'll be taking our third trip to Paris and conducting our very first workshop in the process. We are proud to introduce “Taking Off: A Photography Seminar” with Robert & Kathleen, Tuesday, March 30 in Paris, France. It is impossible to put into words the level of excitement that we feel right now, especially since we have the help of two of the most amazing wedding pros in Connecticut, Candice from Jubilee Events and Beth from The White Dress by the Shore.

We know it's going to be an amazing adventure and can't wait to meet even more European (and maybe even some more American) photographers and reconnect with the ones we already know. We will be sharing the lessons we have learned about building our business, creating beautiful images during the fast-paced wedding day and establishing a solid web presence. Most of all, we want to share what we feel to be the true nature of Paris: the city that we know, the one that inspires us - the one we know will inspire you as well.

*** For more info and to Sign Up for “Taking Off” CLICK on the logo below ***

Taking Off Seminar

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